We at Angel Gabriel endeavour to always deliver the best possible service with the shortest possible response times. For us to achieve this high standard, please help us to help you, by contacting the relevant departments and phone numbers.


Making a Flight Reservation or Quote Request

Our reservations and sales departments are open during office hours;
Monday-Thursday 8:30 CAT – 17:00 CAT Fridays 8:30 CAT – 16:30 CAT
Should you urgently need assistance outside of office hours, please contact us on +27 (0)66 00 99 819 or via Whats App on the same number



Contact Numbers

Head Office: +27 (0)100 40 10 90
Office hours Monday-Thursday 8:30 CAT – 17:00 CAT Fridays 8:30 CAT – 16:30 CAT
This number should be used for all queries, reservations and accounting matters.

Flight Operations & Emergencies: +27 (0)66 00 99 819
The emergency OPS number is manned 24/7 365. Please ONLY use this number for flight operations related issues and emergencies. Please also feel free to send WhatsApp’s and text messages to this number.



Email Addresses


Sales@angelgabriel.co.za– Reservations
quotes@angelgabriel.co.za – Charter quotes
info@angelgabriel.co.za – General enquiries
ops@angelgabriel.co.za– Flight operations and planning
accounts@angelgabriel.co.za– Accounting invoicing and billing
customercare@angelgabriel.co.za– Complaints, compliments or suggestions

Emails are manned during office hours, please make use of the emergency operations number for urgent matters outside of office hours.

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